Photos: © The Amsterdam Castle

The Amsterdam Castle, New York

The Amsterdam Castle is a unique castle-like hotel in Amsterdam, New York State.


From The Amsterdam Castle website:

“Enjoy a Luxuriou​s Stay in Our boutique-Hotel & Restaurant.

There is nothing worth more than spending wonderful moments with your loved ones in a beautiful place. Let Amsterdam Castle NY Inc. in Amsterdam, New York be the place where you create precious memories. Whether you want to celebrate a milestone or spend a staycation in style, our hotel & restaurant is indispensable.

About Us

Amsterdam Castle NY Inc. is a  unique hotel where people can stay and host functions, events of any size – from an iconic & spectacularly photogenic business event to company functions, gatherings etc.

Constructed by a prolific architect and builder named Isaac Perry (born in 1827) our historic building dates back to 1877.   Mr. Perry designed the famous Capitol Building in Albany among many other notable structures in the Empire State”.




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49 Florida Ave, Amsterdam, New York 12010, United States


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