Castle-esque Home – S. Carpenter St, Chicago, Illinois


3410 S. Carpenter St, Chicago, Illinois is a private castle-esque home.  At street level, passers-by could be forgiven for mistaking this as a normal, detached home in the Bridgeport neighborhood of the city. However a simple glance upwards reveals an unusual, semi-conical porch over the front door that suggests this property might be a little out of the ordinary.  Looking up to the property's roofline reveals a home which is half house and half castle.  The top of the property looks as if it's been lifted straight from a fairytale.  Stone towers and turrets with conical roofing make this castle-esque property something really rather unique.

Please respect the privacy of the owners if you are in the area but also don't forget to step back from the property and look up to the roof to enjoy this peculiar view, more in fitting with a Bavarian castle than a residential street in Chicago.



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3140 S Carpenter St is a Private Residence. 

Please respect the privacy of the owners




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