3D Printed Concrete Castle, Shorewood, Minnesota


In 2014, a Shorewood, Minnesota resident made headlines by 3d printing a concrete castle.  Although not quite 'life-size', Andrey Rudenko's concrete castle is nearly 12ft (3.5m) at it's highest point and thus the scale of his unique and ambitious project was certainly enough to pique the interest of the media, the wider public and indeed the construction industry.


The castle is reportedly in Mr Rudenko's backyard so as far as we're aware it's not publicly visible (although if you're an avid castle spotter and you know otherwise, please let us know).  If however you're interested in utilising his expertise and experience in the field to create your own concrete castle, Mr Rudenko now runs Total Kustom – a company dedicated to developing “robotic systems that facilitate the construction of affordable and smarter housing”.



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Andrey Rudenko

Total Kustom Website


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